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MISSOURI BLUE BOOK  available online

 Drivers' Ed practice tests: car, motorcycle, CDL

Resources, Programs and Awareness for College Students in Need

Search libraries nationwide for books you want to read, then order through your library

Palmyra Chamber of Commerce

             email address:

Palmyra Parks and Recreation


Missouri Driver's License Office

Marion County Courthouse, Lower level # 003

100 South Main Street            Hours: M-F 8AM-12 NOON, 12:30-4:00PM

Palmyra MO 63461



Marion County Prosecuting Attorney

Marion County Sheriff

Marion County Jail

Palmyra Circuit Court

Palmyra Municipal Court

Palmyra Police Department



            State: Sen. Brian Munzlinger     573-751-7985

                        Rep. Lindell Shumake        573-751-3613

            Federal: Sen. Claire McCaskill

                                    202-224-6154 / 573-442-7130

                             Sen. Roy Blunt

                                    202-224-5721 / 314-725-4484

                            Rep. Sam Graves

                                    202-225-7041 / 573-221-3400